Our photographic service for those smaller location shoots has been a great success. Shoot-Day-Sharing depends on having a good flow of locations from our clients. So if you have a small project in the back of your mind that you would love to have photographed, then add it to your Locations-To-Share.

You can see our latest locations in our blog - get in touch to add yours.

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When preparing for a pitch, presenting a portfolio or creating a marketing campaign; the better the photography of your installations, the greater the impact. Sending a trusted photographer across the UK to shoot a single location may seem extravagant at this time. So how can you save money and still get fantastic photography?

It is simple really. We find another shoot in a similar geographical location to yours and then share the day enabling us to reduce costs. The result is the same quality of photography at a reduced price.

We frequently travel the length of the UK and Europe. Maybe to photograph an interior, piece of POS or a simple installation. Having a number of jobs like this in the pipeline is what makes Shoot-Day-Sharing work so well.

idea : make clever use of creative time.

method : match different clients with jobs of similar geographical location.

result : provide high standard of photography at a reduced price.